Politics is in Everything. Including art and museums.

Lately, politics have made it’s way into everything… including museums. In September 2016 a new exhibition opened at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, one that is interesting to the general public for many different reasons. A curated gallery of posters from political campaigns and movements over the last six decades, this exhibition gives viewers an intriguing look at the words, colors and designs that both inspired and divided generations. Entitled

“Get with Action,” the exhibition, which will be on display in the Bay Area until next spring, allows people to not only discover a new appreciation for the graphic design used for these types of posters, but it will also give viewers an intimate portrayal of the politics that have shaped our nation.

Something that, to many, will be of great interest in today’s political climate.

“Get with Action” is a great example of how modern museums can attract visitors by playing to whatever happens to be behind the current pulse of society. As more and more people are finding interest in politics, especially a younger generation, one which may be difficult to attract to certain exhibitions at museums, curating galleries that can generate buzz is essential to increasing numbers at museums around the world.

Every museum has the opportunity to think creatively about upcoming exhibitions and, the more they think about what will draw an audience, the more they’ll start to think about ways to pull in groups that may have otherwise stayed away.

While the words “trend” and “museum” don’t necessarily seem to jive, when the two do come together it creates an attraction that is great for the health and well-being of the museum, as well as society itself.

Museums have the ability to help its visitors understand life in a whole new way, giving them the experiences they need to inspire change and appreciate beauty, just to name a couple.

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