The Nanjing Museum: A look into a Chinese museum

The Nanjing Museum located inside the Zhongshan Gate of Nanjing is one of China’s most impressive museums. Modeled after the Liao Dynasty Palace, the museum is home to 400,000 artifacts, a huge array of beautiful Chinese calligraphy paintings and the works of many modern Chinese artists such as Fu Baoshi and Chen Zhifo. Museums like this draw crowds from around the world and though their splendor can be captivating, it can also be intimidating for the more foreign visitors unfamiliar with the culture. Even the best tour guides can sometimes miss out on making those oh so important connections that lead to lifelong fascinations with the content of these museums with these visitors. Tourize is here to help bridge that gap, to help museums avoid this mishap and show visitors truly engaging and unique content that excites imaginations and entices curious minds to learn more.

Tourize helps your museum by creating your very own virtual tour guide app that’s easy to use and build through our company. Through this, Tourize can create an app that allows visitors to continue to visit your museum long after their venture has completed. What we mean by this is say you’re in Los Angele’s visiting the famous Getty museum, on tour from France, and your tour guide isn’t quite getting to the questions you want answered about Francois Andre Vincent’s “Portrait of a Sculptor Roland” because you’re one of 40 people on the tour. By building an app through Tourize the visitor can view audio about the exhibit on their phone and learn more after they leave. These audio and visual tours help visitors get connected with the museum and its exhibitions and most importantly get those curious questions answered about ol’ Francois Andre Vincent. And don’t worry, “Parlez-vous François?,” these apps can be produced in any language you need.

Tourize also helps museums track visitor data through heat maps that track their locations throughout the halls and exhibits. This data can be used in a multitude of ways such as tracking what visitors find the most interesting, what exhibits are gaining the most attention and what days are bringing in the most tourists. Heat maps are new wave technology that will help your business thrive by understanding your visitors’ personal interest as you watch where they go, what tours they tap into and what exhibits they go to and linger in the most.

The most important thing these apps provide is real local experts’ guides on how to view your establishment. Again, sometimes the connections can be lost on a paid hourly tour guides and you can’t get the same personal experience a visitor might be craving. Tourize allows people who have seen your

museum and have thorough understanding of an exhibit to upload their content onto the app. Through these more grounded experts these locals can provide a more personal approach and understanding to your tours and again give visitors content they crave on the go. These virtual tour guides sell a unique viewpoint, perspective and experience that visitors can view and listen to again and again and that gives museums a chance for visitors to experience their halls in a multitude of fascinating ways.

What Tourize provides your business is content that can be effectively tracked, mined for trends and figures and used to better equip your museum with a personal experience that can be seen again and on an easy to build app. Our business helps your visitors make connections with local experts with unique viewpoints and in-depth experience that you simply can’t get through a normal tour guide with 50-60 other strangers. Tourize is simple to use but can provide truly complex and useful information and revenue for your museum that will propel your exhibitions into the 20th Century.

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