Dear Attractions, Museums, and Cities: Invest in content, not technology.

If your museum wants to produce in the future it’s important to have the right technology of today’s innovative world. For places like the Fort Worth Stock Yards they appear to have the right idea, offering high tech virtual tours on custom tablet devices for visitors looking to explore the world of cowboys in the great state of Texas. While the idea is sound, it only goes half way to being truly the wave of the future. Just about everybody from your most industrious techy to your nana from Indiana have smart phones and it simply makes no business sense to spend money on an item your visitors are already using.

Through Tourize’s easy to build app system, all a visitor needs to make a virtual connection at your historic museum sites is their own smart phone or touchpad device. There’s absolutely no reason to spend thousands of dollars a year on buying tablet devices, maintaining them, buying tech insurance, replacing lost ones and providing stable internet connection. There’s a reason why transportation networks such as Lyft and Uber are trending so high in the world of business; it’s because they understand there are already cars out there to be driven. In many ways, Tourize operates no differently; cutting out needlessly expensive handheld devices and simply letting the visitors to these sites use their own technology.

Sometimes the best way to make money is to save money and this is why Tourize is so useful for museums looking to bring their world into the future. Building an app for your organization and allowing visitors to simply hop on their device as they enter your hallowed halls is the best way to save money while also providing a unique and futuristic experience for your visitors. Tourists are going to be on their phones anyways, as we all know, so why not give them a reason to look at your museum on their own device?

Tourize’s apps have benefits that extend beyond cost-saving technology, however, as the apps themselves will provide useful data to track as visitors login to your museum. Heatmaps will track what your visitors are viewing the most in your galleries and what exhibitions they linger on the most. A fancy museum iPad for your visitors might look nice but in the end a Tourize app will not only save you precious dollars but also provide valuable info on how best to prep your establishment and see what new exhbitions might sell the most.

A Tourize app also provides consistently new content as our local experts upload their audio tour guides onto the device giving visitors new perspectives and material to view inside and outside the museum. That’s the best part too; the profits don’t stop once the visitor leaves your museum because they can upload new content onto their phone once they leave. Can’t bring those expensive in-house tablets home and certainly won’t have consistently new content uploaded onto it every week. Tourize does all this and can help your business thrive with inexpensive technology and new material posted on a far more consistent basis than otherwise.

There’s no need to buy expensive gadgets and handhelds that people are already using. A simple app with your visitors’ own phones is all you need. A Tourize app will also give you valuable visitor info and provide consistently new content for tourists to view again and again. Make money by saving money, get the info you need for your business and provide your visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience; that’s what Tourize is all about.

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